God’s Eye Ornaments (Kid-Crafted)

Did you make God’s Eye hangings when you were a kid?  I think we learned in art class, but it could have been at summer camp or Girl Scouts. Or maybe my mom taught me…she taught high school art back then. Anyway, I remember being fascinated with them, and scouring the yard for straight sticks and begging for scrap yarn to use. I made a red, green, and white one for my grandma, and I think it may still be in her kitchen, 35 years later. What does that have to do with the price of tea? Well, I’ll tell you…it’s all about the timelessness of some crafts.

My favorite GI Joe had to leave for an Army exercise the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so the kids and I found ourselves stuck inside on a rainy weekend.  What to do?  Crafting, of course! These God’s Eye Ornaments were simple enough for even the five-year-old to make, and they loved making them so much that we decorated a whole wreath with their creations. And it only killed about an hour of our day. So then we ate popcorn and watched Christmas movies.


After gathering up some very simple supplies, we were ready to begin:

  • Yarn
  • Popsicle sticks (but any straight stick will work, too)
  • Buttons
  • Hot Glue

1. Hot glue two sticks together in the center.


2. Holding the tail of the yarn in the back, wrap a few “x”’s around the center.Gods-Eye-Start-ChaosServedD

3. Then just begin wrapping the yarn, keeping it the same tautness throughout and not overlapping strands. Go over, around, and to the next stick to the left, go over that and around, then to the left again, and so on.You’ll see as you do it.  Try it by yourself before you impress your kids, just to be safe. It’s simple once you start.Gods-Eye-Wrapping-ChaosServ

4. Continue wrapping until you have a little space on the ends for the buttons, if you’re using them.  Tie a loop to use as a hanger and tuck it under in the back.


5. Use hot glue (or whatever adhesive you prefer) to attach buttons to each end of the sticks.

And, look how engrossed he was, for at least ten minutes at a time!

Gods-Eye-worker-ChaosServedAnd here’s our wreath (albeit a blurry photo)…Gods-Eye-Wreath-ChaosServed


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  1. I absolutely cannot figure this out… I have watched videos on Youtube and everything… I am just not the right brain for this kind of thing!!!

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