Snowglobe Ornament

I’m so excited to share this tutorial on making your own snowglobe ornament with you. We made these two years ago year for my kids’ teachers, with a dolphin inside (their school mascot)…you can see the original post here, along with the recipe for the tasty homemade granola we tied the ornaments to for the teachers. And now, on with the how-to portion of our program!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Glass ornament, not round, but flattened circle(don’t use plastic…the glitter just clings)
  • Stamp of your choice
  • Staz-On ink
  • Sharpies for coloring the image
  • Glitter
  • Some ribbon, tags, jingle bells to tie on top
  • A piece of plastic, such as an overhead transparency or even a bakery lid
  • Circle cutter (optional…you can use a marker to draw your circle and cut it with scissors)

For this, I used a piece of pretty thick plastic that came in packaging.  Make sure it can roll up tightly without breaking.  The first step is to stamp your image using the Staz-On and color it using Sharpies.  Stamp it so that the bottom 1/2” of the circle is empty. That’s where your glitter will go, so you want it to look as though the little girl and bunny are sitting in the snow.  Tape the plastic to your cutting mat, if you’re using a circle cutter.


Cut the image to the correct diameter of your ornament. Mine was 3” across.


There you have it…a perfect circle!


Roll up your image so that it can slide into the ornament.  Use the end of a paintbrush or tweezers to position it.


Use the end of a paintbrush or tweezers to position it. Be careful not to scratch it, if you use tweezers. See?


Next, roll a piece of paper into a small funnel and tape it. Then pour the glitter in, half in front of the stamped image and half behind it.


And now all you need to do it put the hanger cap back on, and tie on a tag, ribbon, and jingle bell.  How easy is that?


I love reading your comments, and I'll very likely reply!