Simple Rustic Cakeplate

Are you in a little bit of a high hover, still trying to find serving pieces for Thanksgiving?  This Simple Rustic Cakeplate is inexpensive and made in a few minutes. This can work for everyday, but I really like it as an addition to my Thanksgiving dessert buffet.


This is so simple, you can make it in about two minutes. Really.  Here’s what you’ll need:


  • A slice of wood from the craft store
  • Any substantial candleholder with a flat top (I found this on clearance at Target)
  • Some mounting putty

Ready to make one? Pay attention, because it’s quick!


Press putty all around the top of the candlestick.

Center the wood slice on the candlestick and press firmly to stick it together.

Ta-da! Told ya it was simple!

A word of caution…if someone else is going to be moving this (like your helpful hubs), be sure you tell him it’s just temporarily fastened together, so he doesn’t lift the top and let the bottom fall off and break. This did not happen to me, I’m just thinking that it could!

If you’re certain you’d always like the same base, feel free to use some E6000 to glue the top and base together. I wanted to be able to switch things up, though, so used the putty.


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