Easiest Caramel Dip…Ever!

And I’m not exaggerating! I mean, sure, you could buy a jar of caramel, pour it in a bowl, and that would be easier…but not much. And it wouldn’t be homemade by you, now would it?

This sublime caramel is made with one and only one ingredient…sweetened condensed milk. And did I mention that it cooks in your slow cooker?  If you’ve ever made caramel from scratch, you know it takes almost an hour of stirring while cooking on the stove before you end up with caramel. Caramel-Dip-ChaosServedDail

So how do you make some for yourself?  Here goes (and it really is just this easy):

1. Pour the sweeetened condensed milk into glass jars that will fit in your slow cooker. You can cook this right in the can, but I’m leery of the lining of the can. You’re going to store it in something after you cook it, anyway, so just pick some jars you like with tight-sealing lids.  Tighten them as much as possible, so nothing leaks in or out.

2. Place the jars in your slow cooker and cover with water. It’s important that they be covered with water, or they could explode. No, mine didn’t, but I didn’t want to test it! Put the slow cooker lid on, turn it on low, and let it cook 7 to 8 hours, until the caramel is, well, a caramel color. The water should be simmering, but not boiling.  I had to turn mine to high for a couple of hours at the beginning to get the water temp high enough.

3. Remove from the hot water and let cool, then enjoy with sliced apples. Store any extra in the refrigerator, since we didn’t really process these like you would in canning to make them shelf stable.

One can of sweetened condensed milk made one full jar and about 2/3 of the other 8 oz jar. It doesn’t expand or contract while cooking, so the amounts in the jars will be the same after cooking as before.


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