Hard Cider and Caramel Apple Gift Bucket

Although I’m not a huge fan of most draft beverages, I do have a weakness for hard cider. I think its sweet. crisp, flavor with a bit of tang goes perfectly with pizza, burgers, popcorn…you name it! I was thrilled to discover our favorite burger place in Washington has Angry Orchard Cider on tap, and then happy to find it at Costco, as well. But I do feel a bit lush-ish, having a whole case of it in the house! I need to share it, people…then I remembered…

The hubs and I actually are behaving like real grownups this weekend and attending a cocktail party. It’s pretty casual, and the hostess told us she doesn’t drink wine, only beer and mixed drinks. So I thought a bucket of hard ciders would be a perfect hostess gift!

I picked up a Halloween-themed bucket at Target, along with some Granny Smith and Honeycrisp apples. I just tucked a few bottles of cider, a jar of caramel sauce (I made my own, but you could also buy a jar, and even pour it into a Mason jar to make it look cuter), and several apples into the bucket.  Voila!


So go ahead and invite me over, already…you know you’d love to have this bucket o’apple deliciousness!


4 thoughts on “Hard Cider and Caramel Apple Gift Bucket

  1. Yum! I would love to get this! I love hard cider too. Never thought to look for it at Costco. I really enjoy your blog, the last couple of days I went back and read your October and November 2011-2012 posts.

    • Thanks, Laura…and I’m tickled pink that you looked back at past years! I’m doing a Halloween roundup of the past couple of years tomorrow on the blog…hope you enjoy it!

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