Throwback Thursday: Bling a Pumpkin!

It’s September, and can you guess what that means?  I can blog about pumpkins to my heart’s content. Well, maybe that would be a bit drastic. Pumpkin crafts, recipes, and decorating threaten to take over this blog in the autumn…I can’t resist. I made this bejeweled pumpkin last year, and just had to show it off again, now that the season is upon us!


This craft was so easy, it almost felt like cheating to say I had crafted. So I had a pumpkin latte to fill up a little more time, while I admired my handiwork. This took literally less than five minutes to make.

All you need is a faux white pumpkin and some black jewel flourish stickers. Then guess what you do? That’s correct…stick the flourishes on, and add the pumpkin to your décor. Oh, and I colored the stem with a permanent black marker, because I didn’t like that it was white.

Isn’t it elegantly rustic? Go on, you know you want one. Or three.

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