Pinwheel Pencil Teacher Gift

Have you snagged any of the Ball turquoise jars this summer?  I cannot stop using them; I swear it’s even worse than my normal addiction to jars. I came up with this cute teacher gift for the first day of school (or anytime you’d like to be the teacher’s pet for the day).


I also have a slight problem with these distressed jar lids I ordered from The Plaid Barn, by which I mean that I feel the need to use them frequently. They’re perfect for flower arranging or to pretty up summer drinks (especially with turquoise jars!), but they worked really well for this “bouquet” as well.


Do you know how easy it is to make a pinwheel? Super easy, that’s how easy. It’s harder to make ones that really spin, but for my purposes, stationary ones work just fine.  First you’ll need some double-sided printed paper (I used Stampn’ Up!’s Storytime from last year), cut into 2” squares.

I used a Big Shot die to cut mine, but if you don’t have a die (or want them a different size, it’s very simple. Cut from each corner diagonally to about 1/4” from the center (draw a dot in the center with a pencil first, so you know where it is). Punch a small hole (using a 1/16” punch) in the upper right corner of each triangle. Also punch a hole in the very center. This is easier to do once your diagonal lines are cut.


Then push a small brad from the back to the front of one corner hole. Sorry the brad is blurry in the photo. I hadn’t been drinking, really. Even though it was summer break and the hooligans considered me their personal entertainment manager.


Continue to push the brad through each consecutive corner hole, front to back.


When you’ve pushed the brad through all four corner holes, push it through the center one and open it up to secure the pinwheel.


Ta-da! It’s a cute little pinwheel!


I used glue dots to adhere the pinwheels to the pencils…you could also use a dot of E6000 (of course!).

To make the tag, I just covered a tag I already had with some of the printed paper, added a few apple stickers (‘cause teachers NEVER get tired of apple-themed things…ha!) and a chipboard initial sticker for the teacher’s last name.


Now, if you’re thinking you can’t do this ‘cause you don’t have the cute lids, think again!  You could fill the jar 2/3 of the way with M&M’s or glass pebbles…either would hold the pencils just as well. To further secure the arrangement, tie the tag around the pencils rather than the jar. See?  Told you it would work!

And here’s where I found my supplies:  Jars and pencils: Target; Bakers Twine, Tag, Stickers, Letter: Craft store; Brads and Paper for pinwheels: Stampin’ Up!; Jar lids: You can order the lids from Amazon, too, as well as the turquoise jars. You’re welcome for that bit of online shopping help.


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  1. Love these pinwheels in the cute blue Mason jars!! I did pick several up and have used them. Guess I need to get more. Love it!! Pinning it!!

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