Girls’ Night Out Necessities Tin

This is NOT…let me repeat…NOT an emergency kit for your purse. Any problem that can be solved with lip balm or an earring back is not a true emergency (although I bet McGyver could escape from any sticky situation with the contents of this tin).   Instead, it’s a fun little tin to keep in your purse for less dire situations. And a perfect little gift for your friends as you set out for a Girls’ Night, I think!


You can use any tin you’d like…I had these window ones on hand in my craft stash, but I also like the tins you can buy for $1 that are really gift card containers. I’ve seen them at craft stores and I think Target, with cute designs on them.  You could even include a gift card in the tin, perhaps for coffee or another fun item. And, if you’re really crafty, use an Altoid tin and put a new label on the top. You’re thoughtful AND environmentally aware!


Now for the contents:

  • Nail files
  • Earrings…super cute, made them myself, and they have clear rubber backs in case you lose a back off the earring you’re wearing
  • Bobby Pins…I made these, too, with clear faceted buttons and some bobby pins from the craft store…and some E6000, of course.
  • Needle and thread…sorry, no room for a scissors, you’ll just have to woman-up and bite the thread off
  • Safety Pins…if you don’t want to bite the thread off
  • Bandaid…just in case those brand new, adorable heels give you a blister
  • Lip Balm…you should never be without soft lips. You might run into the hubs while out and about.
  • Nail Polish…It’s just fun to have one of these teeny, tiny bottles. And if you get a run in your stocking (although you’re probably not wearing those on Girls’ Night) or a chigger bite, it’ll stop the run or stop the itching. Really. And I don’t know where you’ll be on your night out!
  • Hairbands…you never know when you’ll need your hair out of your face.

Now, see…isn’t that a fun little tin to put together?  I thought the hairbands should go around the outside, to prevent the tin popping open  You know you’ve had a purse full of linty Altoids from just such a happening! Or maybe that’s just me. Now I’m gonna go rustle up some friends and have a fun night on the town!Signature

One thought on “Girls’ Night Out Necessities Tin

  1. We just bought my daughter a car and she made this kit to keep in the glove compartment of her car. It is such a great idea!! She put a travel Bath & Body Works body spray which I used today…I was so glad she had it in there.

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