Throwback Thursday: Twine-Wrapped Bottle Vase

Today’s Throwback Thursday post first appeared last May, when the alliums bloomed. This year, I’m writing this at the end of June and they’ve just begun to bloom…we’ve obviously had a much cooler spring this year!  Anyway, on with the post…

I found myself needing a vase for the allium buds the hooligans keep bringing inside, and I wanted something a bit rustic and outdoors-y. So I saw a beer bottle next to the sink, waiting to be recycled, and thought, “Aha!”
One of my friends (with impeccable taste, because that’s the only kind of friend I have!) recently sent me a box filled with wondrous things, among them this twine dispenser. Now I feel the need to use twine even more frequently, just to justify having it out on the counter. What better to use for my vase?

I put E6000 adhesive randomly on the neck of the bottle, and started wrapping. As I wrapped, I added more adhesive as needed until I reached the bottom, where I tucked the end in neatly. It only took a few minutes to wrap the bottle, and I think a whole row would look very cool on a picnic table or mantel.

Those pistachios on the table next to the vase are like crack for the hooligans (and who am I kidding, they have the same effect for my GI Joe and me). They’re Salt and Pepper Everybody’s Nuts from Costco…yes, we have to buy them by the boatload. Try them, you’ll like them!

So before you put ALL your bottles in the recycle bin, maybe you, too, need a vase or three. As a bonus, it makes you look less like a lush to your recycle guy and neighbors if you use the bottles for something else!

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