“Ready for Your Closeup” Earrings

I’m a sucker for charms, so when I saw a set on Pick Your Plum back in the winter, I couldn’t resist them.  But, like all my craft supplies, once I got them I was reluctant to use them, telling myself I was waiting for the perfect project to pop into my head.  Well, it finally did…some simple little drop earrings.  And guess what?  I didn’t even have to make a trip to the craft store…everything was right in my jewelry supply drawer. Sometimes being a hoarder pays off.


They really are the same length…I just didn’t get them even in the photo. But on with the show.

The supplies you’ll need:

  • 2 matching charms
  • Beads
  • Fishhook earrings
  • Headpins with a loop at the end for the charms
  • Jewery pliers (roundnose and/or needlenose)

These are so simple to make…you’ll be addicted!  First, attach the charms through the loop on the end of the headpin.  Next, string a few beads on the headpin.  Make a loop at the other end of the beads.  If you haven’t done that before, you can see a step by step on this post. Lastly, attach the beaded portion to your earring, and you’re done!

Ready for your closeup!


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