Beaded Watch Kit

Yes, it’s another episode of Craft Hoarders, right here on my blog!  As I was cleaning out my craft room (again), getting ready to move cross-country (again), I found a beaded watch kit that I ordered from Peachy Chic a long, long time ago.  I think last fall. Anyway, rather than move the kit, I decided to take a little break from organizing and do something more creative.


Now, it’s obviously not an everyday watch, but I love the colors and general cheerful funkiness of it.

I’m a little torn, though, as to whether to recommend you try this or not.  The kit didn’t include a watch face, so if you do order a kit, be sure to order the watch, as well.  Or you can pick one up at Michaels or another craft store.

The watch was fairly easy to assemble, but no directions were included, nor were there any on the website, which was a little frustrating. All I had to go by was a photo of a similar watch kit, assembled, on the website, so that’s what I did. I find it a little tricky to work with elastic cord…my knots never want to stay.  In an attempt to remedy this, and prevent the watch from falling apart all over the floor the first time I wore it, I tied several square knots, then added a drop or two of E6000 and let it dry thoroughly.  It seems to have worked. I cut the ends of the cord off very close to the glued knot when the E6000 was dry.

So, the bottom line?  If you’re up for a creative challenge, this was fun and satisfying pretty.  If you want a step-by-step guide, you’d be better off skipping these kits and finding ones that are a bit more helpful.  I did get this one at a great price, so that helped my level of satisfaction with it!


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