Spongeball Waterfights

Waterfight-ChaosServedDailyHere’s a great idea for a hot summer day…Spongeball Waterfights!  I found it over at Create.Craft.Love…you can go there for the directions, or here’s the lowdown. That photo below is from Jill, not me, by the way.Sponge Ball Water Fight via createcraftlove.com #waterfun #outdoors #kidsactivities #summer


  • 30 sponges (mine were 10 for $1 at Dollar Tree)
  • 10 ponytail elastics
  • a bucket
  • scissors

1. Cut the slits in the end of each sponge, not quite to the middle, then do the same on the other end. It really doesn’t take that long. Really. Less than thirty minutes to assemble all of them. When they’re cut, stack them in threes and fasten an elastic around the middle. I wrapped mine twice, to make it tight enough.

2. Pile them in a bucket and fill it with water.

3. Give it to your kids and let them entertain themselves for a couple of hours (seriously, that’s how long they’ll play with this!).


2 thoughts on “Spongeball Waterfights

  1. These look like so much fun!!! The kids always end up having a water fight on the last day of the fair so I think we’ll make a bucketful of these to take along this year. They’ll love it!

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