Camp Counselor S’more Thanks

We love our local YMCA…especially the specialty camps each summer. Especially when we have movers in our house all day for a week and if the hooligans were home, they’d have to be staying out of the way and not making messes. So I’m sure you understand now why we feel the need to give little thank you gifts at the end of the week!


These couldn’t be simpler…especially since you can download the s’mores labels by clicking on the photo below!  Smores-tags-ChaosServedDail


  • Fry boxes (optional)
  • Clear bags
  • snack size chocolate bars
  • marshmallows (we used stars)
  • graham cracker squares
  • bakers’ twine and/or ribbon

In each bag, we stashed four grahams (they were the squares, not the sheets…the sheets always break when I try to halve them), two snack size chocolate bars, and four marshmallows.  Then we just tied the bags using Stampin’ Up!’s new chevron ribbon, put the bag in the fry box (I ordered mine from Pick Your Plum), and stuck a label on (after we wrapped a bit of twine around the box, just for kicks).



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