Knot Jar Hanger

These jar hanger are so simple, y’all…you’re going to be in search of places you can hang “just one more!” They’re perfect for flowers or candles, or I’m sure you can think of something else. And…this is important…Ball released these vintage-style blue-green jars this summer…I was beyond excited when I finally found them at Target. I love that they’re heat safe, for canning, which my vintage jars are not. But on with the how-to for these hangers.



  • Five pieces of twine or whatever rope you’d like to use, each 6 feet long
  • A ring to hang from…I used a key ring
  • A jar or other heatproof container (if using for candles)

1. Gather all five pieces of twine and fold in half. Tie onto the ring at the center of the twine.


2. About 8 inches down, tie every two strands together, for a total of five knots.Hanger2-ChaosServedDaily

3. Scoot down the twine about 4 inches (I used the width of my hand for consistency) and tie one strand from each of two neighboring knots together, forming another five knots. Hanger-3-ChaosServedDaily4. Move down a couple more inches and repeat step 3, tying knots using strands from neighboring knots to form a web.  To finish it off, tie a knot with all the strands about 3 inches below the last knots.Hanger-6-ChaosServedDaily

5. Put your jar into the center, and you’re ready to hang it!


5 thoughts on “Knot Jar Hanger

  1. Hey, this reminds me of my mom making macrame pot hangers in the 70s! Love it! Thank you for sharing. It looks great!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

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