Easy Peasy Frozen Yogurt Pops

The hooligans love those little Chobani Bites yogurts for snacks, so I almost always have a few in the frig.  When they were begging for frozen yogurt recently (and I really didn’t want to drive the half hour to the nearest Cherry Berry), I decided to try freezing the Bites.  It worked perfectly, even if the kids did have to practice patience for the few hours it took for them to freeze.


All I did was cut a small “x” in the lid of each yogurt using a knife tip, then put a thick paper straw in the opening, and freeze them. The straws were only about 6 or 7 inches long, but if yours are longer, you can just cut them off, or use wooden popsicle sticks.

To unmold them, I dipped each carton in hot, hot water for a few seconds.

Full disclosure, these are not nearly as tasty as Cherry Berry, but they’re much less expensive, you can easily make them at home, and you know just what the ingredients are! And you can stay in your hanging-out-on-a-hot-summer-day ratty tee, shorts and flipflops.


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