Protein-Packed Coffee {and a Menu}

Yep, that’s how I justify having just this with an organic pop tart (that’s a thing, really) for breakfast. I add my favorite organic protein powder to my iced coffee, and it helps keep me going for hours. Protein-Coffee-ChaosServedD

It’s such a simple recipe…even though it does use two appliances, my Keurig and the Nutribullet the hubs gave me for our anniversary (he’s such a romantic). I simply brew iced coffee from the Keurig, directly into the large “bullet,” add a scoop of protein powder and a splash of fat-free half-n-half, and whir it with the Nutribullet.   For my favorite GI Joe, I add some almond and/or blackberry syrup, because that’s the nasty way he likes coffee.  I prefer it light but not sweet. Especially with a pop tart!

While I love my Nutribullet, a blender would work just as well for this drink and many others, and you could have cold-brewed coffee on hand, eliminating the need for the Keurig, too. But where’s the fun in that?

By the way, I wasn’t planning to blog this drink, but the hubs insisted it was genius and too delicious not to share with you. Really. And he rarely encourages my blogging addiction!

And here’s our menu for the week (we’re only three weeks away from moving, so it’s serious pantry-cleanout time):

  • Monday:  BBQ Meatballs, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, and Steamed Vegetables
  • Tuesday:  Zuppa Toscana, Green Salad, and Sourdough Rolls
  • Wednesday:  Turkey, Provolone, and Grilled Pineapple Panini, Kale Chips
  • Thursday: Easy Peasy Skillet Lasagna, Chopped Vegetable Salad
  • Friday:  Biscuits with Fresh Strawberries, Scrambled Eggs, and Canadian Bacon

For the meatballs, I just make our favorite meatball recipe, bake them an hour, then pour BBQ sauce over them, cover, and bake another thirty minutes. On Friday, we had one of my summer favorites, introduced to me by my friend Krista when our husbands were deployed. You just make biscuits, slather them with butter, then pile on fresh strawberries that you’ve chopped up. If you’d like, add some sugar to the berries, but we usually don’t.

Have a fabulous weekend, filled with adventures (or just relaxing in your PJ’s!)!


One thought on “Protein-Packed Coffee {and a Menu}

  1. Yummy! I’m going to make one of these tonight. We are getting ready to watch ‘Hansel and Gretal”. This would be a perfect snack.

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