Grilled Pizza, Banana Splits, and a Menu

Woohoo!  School’s out for summer! (I bet you just sang that, didn’t you?)  We make pizza and banana splits for dinner each year, and we even let the hooligans stay up past 7:30 to watch a movie. We’re rebels in this household, I tell you.


If you’ve never made grilled pizza, you should!  I even saw a pan at Target the other day specifically for grilling pizza. I can’t have it, because all of my kitchen stuff cannot take up more space than the rest of the family’s stuff put together on the moving truck. But I’m sure Target in Washington will have them when we get home!

Anyway, I did a post about making grilled pizza last year…check it out, if you haven’t.  I’m pretty sure you can put together your own banana splits with no guidance from me, right?

And then, here’s our menu for the week:

Enjoy your weekend, and go grill something, would ya?


2 thoughts on “Grilled Pizza, Banana Splits, and a Menu

  1. Well, don’t those pizzas look good. Looks like I need to check out the local Target! (I’ll pick up a pan for you, too. Will one do?)

  2. Just a quick update—scored the pizza pan at Target! Happy Birthday! It’ll be here for you when you get home. We’ll give you a day or two once you get back before we come over for our grilled pizza dinner…(insert cheesy grin here).

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