Ten Fun Summer Kid Activities

It’s just about that time…the start of my summer job…cruise director for the hooligans.  Now that they’re no longer toddlers, they’re much better at entertaining themselves, but before long, I know boredom will rear its ugly head. They all love school and are super social, so they want to be with other kids and engaged in something fun pretty much 24/7.  While that’s beyond my capabilities (or desires) to produce, here are ten of the boredom busters that helped our summer fly past last year.

1. Make glitter bottles for a little meditation time (my kids still love these)0712-Glitter-Timeout-Bottle

2. 101 “What To Do When You’re Bored” Ideas0612-101-Bored-Things

3. Fakeout Watermelon Jello0812-Watermelon-Jello-(1)-C

4. Lots of sprinkler time (we also went to splash pads frequently)052712-Sprinkler-(3)-ChaosS

5. Hula-hooping0612-Hula-Hooping-(7)

6. Hiking and exploring our corner of the world0512-Wisconsin-Dells-(11)

7. Everyone tops their own grilled pizza (you might have guess this was mine!)0512-Grilled-Pizza-(3)-CHao

8. Making tinted Mason jars0512-TInted-Jars-4

9. Reading the book then making “Thundercake0512-Thunder-Cupcakes

10. Decorating 4th of July shirts with Sharpies


There you have it…don’t say I didn’t help you with your summer job!


4 thoughts on “Ten Fun Summer Kid Activities

  1. LOVE the colorful popsicle stick pail! Some additional ideas might be couples date night suggestions and motivational quotes for when you need a pick-me-up. Thanks for the inspiration 😉 Stopping by from I Gotta Try That

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