Later, ‘Gator Contact Info Gummi Packs

Well, that’s a catchy title for a post, huh?  But it gets the info conveyed, so it’s okay, I guess.

So here’s my last post (for this year) about end-of-school gifts…these little packs of gummis will be a perfect way for my kids to give their friends our contact info in Washington, since we won’t be seeing them when school starts in the fall.


These are pretty quick to come together…the only thing I had to plan in advance was ordering the gummi alligators, since I couldn’t easily find them locally. I found a five pound bag on Amazon for around $25, including shipping.  The ziploc bags are from the jewelry making section of the craft store.  Gator-Bowl

We put 6 alligators in each bag, and had more than enough for the three classes…we made 75 in all. Gator-Fillin-ChaosServedDaiFor the tags, I created this cute clipart for the front, and typed our contact info (name, address, phone, email, and website) on the back.  Be sure the front and back are going opposite directions, so when you fold them, the printing is right-side-up on both front and back. See what I mean, below?  I scribbled out most of our info, in case you thought I’d lost my mind, while editing the photo.Gator-Sheet-ChaosServedDail

Here’s the clipart, if you’d like to download it.  Just click on the photo to download. I used an alligator image from the Gator Crossing Element Pack from Katie Pertiet.

Later Gator Tag

I made my sheet of bag toppers in using Photoshop Elements, but you can probably do it in Paint or another program such as those.

It’s a fine line we tread with the kids each time we move.  We want them to be excited about the adventure ahead, but still recognize that they’re leaving behind lots of friends.  This move is different from any other we’ve done because we’ve been living “on the economy”,,,away from any military post…for the first time. When leaving a military town, we always say, “See you later” instead of “Goodbye,” because we often run into our military friends again and again as assignments cross paths.

The hubs and I realize that this time will be a real goodbye to friends we’ve made in Wisconsin, because they’re all permanent residents here and don’t follow this crazy nomadic military lifestyle.  I’m pretty sure the kids don’t get that. But maybe that’s for the best. And, who knows, maybe our friends from Wisconsin will have a hankering to visit the Northwest and drop by to see us…or at least email or write! They have no excuse not to, with these packets!


3 thoughts on “Later, ‘Gator Contact Info Gummi Packs

  1. How’d I miss this? This may the cutest idea yet. Do you EVER run out of “clever”? These little goodies are just the sweetest way to say See You Later (another neat idea!) I’ve ever seen. I’m getting more than a little nervous about keeping up with the neighbors now. Be gentle, eh?

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