“Keep In Touch” Seed Packets

I have another cute idea for the end of school, especially for families that are moving cross-country (like us!). And it couldn’t be simpler, y’all.  Especially since I already have 200 family info cards from when we lived in our house two years ago…yep, the same one we’re moving back in to in Washington. Nifty how that worked out.

I’d love to take credit for this cleverness, but my friend Rosemary tugged at my heartstrings when she gave these to us a few years ago.  What a perfect sentiment, right there on the seed packet already!


If you don’t have a whole box of cards to use, though, you can easily print your own, either on cardstock using your computer, or, if you have time to order them, for the cost of shipping and handling from Vistaprint. The cards themselves are free.  Really. They come in very handy, too, when you meet someone at a school function and want to easily give them your info. Or as return address labels on a package. Or dozens of other times, too.

Anyway, all I did was staple them onto packets of Forget-Me-Not seeds from the dollar store (4 for $1), along with a bit of bakers’ twine, tied a bow, and now I have a simple way to give friends our new contact info.  By the way, that’s not our real info in the photo, so don’t try to stalk us that way.

My kids love to plant seeds of any sort, so I think their classmates will love these little packets, and we hope they’ll use the info to keep in touch!


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