Etched Mason Jar Mugs

Yes, I got to use my glass etching cream again!  One of my friends mentioned how much she wanted some of those Mason jar mugs for iced tea this summer, so when she invited us over for brunch, I knew the perfect hostess gift to take along!


Etching in so very simple, too!  You need a few supplies:

Etching Cream (such as ArmourEtch)

Vinyl or contact paper for your stencil

A paintbrush to apply the cream

Whatever glass you’re going to etch (Pyrex brand doesn’t always work, so avoid if possible)

1. Cut your stencil, using an electronic cutter, diecut machine, or craft knife. Or use premade stencils from the craft store. Adhere the stencil to the glass, making sure to press the edges down really well, so no cream will slip under them.


2. Apply a thick, even layer of etching cream. Let it sit for five minutes, then wash it off under running water.


3. Peel the stencil off, and enjoy the results.

These make a fabulous gift, especially if you include a carton of ice cream and some root beer. Who doesn’t love a ready-to-assemble Root Beer Float Party?


6 thoughts on “Etched Mason Jar Mugs

  1. Really?! I can’t believe it’s that simple! It’s a wonder you don’t etch every glass object in sight. I’m thinking of designs, like horizontal stripes, or little starts all over. Hmmmm…………..I see a project coming up.

    • Great, Steph…I made myself a 9×13 pan last fall and it’s still perfect…and I send things to Frank’s work in it frequently, as well as using it often at home. I don’t wash it in the dishwaher (I don’t wash it at all…Frank does!), but I think it would be fine in there, too. And, yes, it’s foodsafe, too!

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