Make a Monster is Retiring!

From the Stampin’ Up! catalog, that is. This is one of those sets that I bought, then did nothing with, then did a whole bunch with, then forgot about again. Poor stamp set. So I’m showing it some love today, sharing these cute photos with you!

One of the most fun things we did was to make Monster Minions with the set, some white cardstock, and some thin craft sticks (like wooden stir sticks, but you don’t have to sneak them out of Starbucks a dozen at a time). Not that I would have ever done that.


The supplies are simple:

  • Make a Monster stamp set (available only until June 3) Item 120606, $17.98 for the clear set; Item 118742 $23.95 for the wood set
  • White cardstock
  • Ink and markers or crayons
  • Thin craft sticks (from Walmart)
  • Some googlie eyes, of course!

The kids love making these and then spend hours playing with them, too.  We’ve made them several times, and now they each have quite the minion collection.  Now if I could only make some for myself that would actually do my housework, life would be fabulous!

By the way, this set makes great Halloween or kid birthday cards and crafts, and I created a really cute stamped canvas for one of my boys, as well as super fun “Monster Munch Mix” tags for Halloween gifts. I bet you could come up with even more creative uses! But only if you order it before it’s gone forever! (up there on the right sidebar…shop 24/7!)


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