Simple, Happy Hairpins

What girl can’t use some cute little hairpins?  They work in short, short locks or Rapunzel-length tresses. Wouldn’t this be a fabulous little addition to tuck into a gift? Or just as a little friendship gift to brighten someone’s day?


First, a few simple supplies:

  • Cabochons (resin flowers)
  • Hairpins (from the craft store) with a little circle on the end to glue flowers to
  • Jewelry glue or E6000


I slid the hairpins onto a paper lunch bag, just to hold them in place while adding the flowers.  I dabbed a dot of glue onto each and let it cure for a few minutes, so the flowers would stick more readily.


After placing the flowers, I left them alone to dry for a few hours. Although the jewelry adhesive immediately glues your fingers together, metal to plastic or glass seems to take several hours. Go figure.


Bada-bing, bada-boom, custom hairpins to brighten up a girl’s day!


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