A Couple of Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I’m really not going to be an over-achieving, Pinterest-perusing, craftaholic mom this year for Teacher Appreciation Week. I did that last year (you can see the post here) but I’m attempting to simplify this year!

I haven’t completely decided what I’m giving this year, but have these two options…and I may end up giving both!  Of course, no matter which I do, the kids always draw a card and write a thank-you note to include with the gift.  After all, that’s really the point, right?


Last year, I downloaded this subway art from Eighteen 25.  This year, I uploaded it to Costco and printed it onto notebooks.  You can also get a planner, if you prefer. They were relatively inexpensive, as well, around $8 with shipping.  I liked these because you can put something on the inside cover, as well.


My second choice is this insulated lunch bag, stuffed full of treats…a travel cup, some chocolates, and a bag of the teacher’s favorite coffee. Or your favorite coffee, if you don’t know theirs!


I found these insulated lunch bags on clearance at Thirty-one’s Year-End Sale, but you can find comparably cute ones at Marshalls, Target, World Market…all those fun places to shop!

Of course, depending on your budget, it’s always great to include a gift card with either of these gifts.  Some of my favorites to give teachers are Starbucks, Panera, or Target (for school supplies).

So now I just have to figure out what to do for the staff, and the bus driver, and the specials teachers…..


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