Triple Strand Charmed Necklace

Guess what?  This is the 400th post I’ve published.  Cool, don’t you think?  So, to show how much I appreciate all of you reading my blog and giving me so much sweet encouragement, I’m having a giveaway!  But first, here’s today’s tutorial:

I’ve been on a jewelry-making binge lately…here’s a triple strand one that I copied from a catalog photo (and I don’t know which catalog…the torn photo has been on my idea board for about six months now!).  Triple-Strand-ChaosServedDaI found a set of charms at Walmart for about $3 and combined them with sliver beads that almost look like hematite.  The beads I bought at the craft store, along with some chain, silver bead caps, a clasp, and waxed cotton cord.

For the beaded strands, I cut three 12” lengths of cord and strung the beads on those. For the bottom one, I used ten silver beads at each end of the charm-bead pattern, so a total of 30 beads.  For the next strand, I used 28 beads, then 24 on the top strand.

So, how to turn those lovely strands into one necklace?  First, I tied a know with all three strands at each end, with the strands lying flat and curved a bit.  Then I bent a head pin (but any wire would do) to make a “u” to pull the cords though a bead cap, making a loop of the cording.



I slipped a jump ring through the loop made of the three strands, and connected chain to that. I connected the clasp, and was pretty much done.


Except I didn’t want the cording to slip out, so I snipped the ends of the cording as far inside the cone as I could and applied a bit of E6000 to hold it. I let that set for several hours.

The necklace I copied didn’t have the charms, which I think add a nice bit of interest, and it cost considerably more (as in over $100) than this one. Mine will do just fine…when I pay a large amount for a piece of jewelry, I feel I need to wear it as often as possible. With this one, I don’t feel an obligation, plus I’m pretty proud to wear something I made myself!

And, guess what else?  I’m giving one away, too! Just follow the easy steps to enter below! Good luck!
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11 thoughts on “Triple Strand Charmed Necklace

  1. This necklace is super cute! I’m glad to hear you made an extra & aren’t giving away a necklace you’ve been thinking about for a few months! :) I would definitely keep this for myself!

  2. Love this! It’s really classy looking. I could wear this tonight to the wine tasting fund raiser we’re having at work! If I can make one fast enough. Thank you for the tutorial. :)

  3. I’m truly impressed with your beading, Megan. I see these kinds of necklaces everywhere and have been tempted to buy one on several occasions. But then I remember you beading posts and decide I’ll wait ’til you get home. Methinks we have a trip to the local beading store in our future! Oh, and congrats on post 400! Here’s to the next 400!

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