Cracked Marble Pendants

I really hope I’m not the only person out there that experiences more Pinterest fails than successes.  If I am, don’t tell me…just let me go on believing…

Anyway, I pinned these marble pendants a long, long time ago, and finally remembered to try making them.  They worked just as promised!  Yay!

Marble-Blue-Pendant-ChaosSe     Marble-Peach-Pendant-ChaosS

The blurb under the photo said merely “Bake at 300-350 for 20 minutes, then put in ice water.” So here’s what worked for me:

I put the marbles in a glass Pyrex bowl and baked them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  I filled a metal bowl with ice and water before I took the marbles out of the oven, then plunged them right into the ice water as soon as I removed them from the oven.

The marbles cracked beautifully inside.  Woohoo! Then I just needed to make a pendant, which would appear to be simple. It was, once I figured out how to make a hanging loop attached to the metal filigree cap, which just had a hole in the center. I think you can probably buy caps with a loop already attached, but I couldn’t find them.  And I wanted to be able to make this out of basic supplies, since I’d already pilfered the marbles from the hooligans.


To make the loop, I took a head pin, bent it in the middle into a loop, and wrapped one end around the base of the loop a couple of times.  Then I just squeezed the ends together to insert them through the top of the cap, like you would a Christmas ornament cap. I pushed the two ends against the inside of the bead cap, so it would sit evenly on the marble.

I set the marbles on a felt coaster with a pattern cut out, so they would be semi-stable.  I put a dot of E6000 adhesive on the top of each marble and let it cure for a few minutes, to make it stickier. Then I oh-so-carefully set the cap and loop on top and pressed it down to make contact. Then I went off to run some errands and let them dry for a few hours.


When they were completely dry, I added a jump ring and attached them to the chains I bought with clasps already attached.  I think next I’ll try this with those flat glass pebbles and see if it works as well!

Here’s the link to the orginal pin


5 thoughts on “Cracked Marble Pendants

  1. Oooh, I’m getting ideas already who to give these to for gifts! They ARE beautiful and seem so simple. Filed away, in my Megan’s Easy Crafty Gifts folder. :) I’m glad you shared.

  2. THANK YOU for the Easter marble necklace gift. I was totally wondering how you attached the marble and how you cracked it without shattering the marble. It’s soooooo cool and now I know how to make one!

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