Too-Small T-Shirt to Framed Art

Princess Thundercloud wears some shirts that I absolutely love. And you know how t-shirt are…they shrink and quickly become too small.  I don’t need to save these for another little girl, and we give copious amounts to the thrift shop or to friends with cute little ones, but there have been a few I just want to hang on to forever. Or at least for a little while longer. What to do?  I framed them and hung them in her room!

This spring, as I was cleaning out her summer clothes from last year, I realized that one of my all-time favorite shirts(of hers) was WAY too small. Have I mentioned that she’s not yet five years old and is 46 inches tall?  So she wears size 6’s and even some 7’s, for the length.  Of course, her pants are so drawn up with those little button thingies at the waist, they all look ruffled. But I digress. Didn’t this turn out wonderfully?


We found a nice glittery frame for an 8×10 photo (at 50% off!) and ten minutes after arriving home, had a great piece of wisdom ready to inspire her daily. Once she learns to read, that is.

I also enjoy seeing this daily because one of my best friends in Washington found it when we were spending a day shopping together…so I think of her and the great time we had each time I see it!

I’m planning on making some of her favorite shirts into pillows next, so stay tuned for that post!


2 thoughts on “Too-Small T-Shirt to Framed Art

  1. We can’t walk passed a blinged out item without one of us saying “bet Miss Thundercloud would love this.” No kidding–even the hubs gets it! And don’t I wish I had her long legs problem!!!!!

    Such a cute way to capture special memories. I really need you to come home soon. Need an up close and personal dose of you unending creativity.

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