Converting Tie Shoes to Slide Shoes

I cannot tell you how many times we have attempted to teach our eldest child how to tie his shoes.  The boy can fold any origami shape he wants, but he can’t tie a bow. Argh. For Christmas, I found super cool Lego shoes for both boys, and, since they’re both Lego fanatics, had to buy them.  Also, they were on super-duper clearance.

Then I had a lightbulb moment…he loves his Keens and their drawstrings, so why can’t I just convert these to that?  The answer is that I absolutely could, and did!


I just needed a couple of cord stops and a package of elastic to use as laces. I found both at Joann’s.  I chose oval elastic cord because I thought it would catch better in the cord stop, but round cord would work, as well.


As you can probably surmise, I cut the elastic, threaded it through the shoe, then ran it through the cord stop and tied it.

I’m pretty happy to have found this solution, but one of our goals for the summer is to LEARN TO TIE SHOES!   Of course, he’ll be wearing Keens and flipflops all summer, so I may be thwarted in my attemps. Perhaps as we are driving almost 50 hours on our trip back to Washington, he’ll finally succumb out of sheer boredom.


One thought on “Converting Tie Shoes to Slide Shoes

  1. Just remember, Megan, Einstein couldn’t tie his shoes either! Neat solution, though. Might even do this for myself…

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