Antique Flower Frogs

As Earth Day approaches, this week on the blog I’m all about reusing, repurposing, recycling.  Today…flower frogs!  What are flower frogs? They’re wire cages or a bunch of sharp prongs set into a base which you set into a bowl or vase, then insert the flower stems into the frog. The frog stabilizes the flowers and helps immensely in arranging.

I was lucky enough to inherit several antique flower frogs from my grandmother.  Actually, she sent them to me in care packages when I lived in my first apartment, along with various odds and ends that I suspect she wanted to get out of her house, but couldn’t bear to just give away to strangers at the thrift shop. Whatever the motivation, the contents of her packages have become some of my most treasured hand-me-downs.

I do use mine for their intended purpose (occasionally), but I like to use them in unexpected ways, as well.  I use this wire-cage one on my desk as a pen holder.


I frequently use the pointy prong kind to hold cards when I’m photographing them for the blog, or to hold a recipe while I’m cooking, or just to hold a photo in a mantel display.


And, as long as I’m including this card photo, let me just throw out a plug for Stampin’ Up!’s Paper Pumpkin program. This was the first month of my Paper Pumpkin subscription, and I was beyond excited to see my package arrive!


Inside I found a kit to make four cards, a Stampin’ Spot ink pad, a couple of stamps, and a clear stamping block. It literally took me less than fifteen minutes to assemble the cards, with simple to follow instructions included.  The only thing I needed to provide was adhesive.

I love the card design…there’s a reason those designers do this for a living and I don’t!  If the price seems excessive for four cards, think of it in terms of the non-consumable products you also gain…ink, stamps, and a stamping block. As well as the design, which you could easily replicate with a few additional supplies, such as buttons, designed paper, and cardstock.

If you’re interested, you can try it for a month, or sign up to receive your goodies every month.  You can also cancel at any time. It’s only $19.95 per month, including shipping, for a quick little creative escape.  I highly recommend it!  You can learn more at Paper Pumpkin.


4 thoughts on “Antique Flower Frogs

  1. I’m in love with your collection of frogs!!! I’ve always loved flower frogs. I have a few made of glass, and I use them for other purposes too. :) Cute card, by the way. :)

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