Craft Bead Memory Wire Bracelet

In my crusade to reduce the amount of sugar ingested by the hooligans, we try to limit the amount we give them in their Easter baskets. They really aren’t that interested in the candy, anyway, believe it or not. For example, last year their baskets had a chocolate bunny from Trader Joe’s…all three of them(the bunnies, not the hooligans) are on the top shelf of the snack cabinet, forgotten, and ready to make another appearance this year!  Because I know they won’t eat them, so why spend the money on new ones when they’ll get the same “woohoo, a big hunk o’chocolate” feeling and then forget them again as they explore the rest of their basket contents..

That’s not to say we go all overboard on filling the baskets with expensive new toys, though. This year, they’re each getting a small Lego set, bubbles, new markers, and some little fillers like memo pads (they love those for the bus) and Hot Wheels for the boys. For Princess Thundercloud, I made this cute bracelet.


It’s another project I thought of while cleaning out the craft room earlier this month. The beads were in the craft bead section (meaning they’re plastic and inexpensive) at Michaels, and the silver beads and memory wire I “found” in my jewelry-making stash.

I cut a length of memory wire, put a loop in one end using the needlenose pliers, and started stringing the beads. Five minutes later, I had a cute little bracelet for her basket. I still have enough beads leftover in more primary colors to make another fun bracelet for summer or as a birthday gift for a classmate.


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