Some Ideas for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

I think Theodore Geisel should have been a Poet Laureate of the United States.

He was born on the second of March, which for us translates

To green eggs and ham with wubbulous pancakes to start,

Then all day long with books and movies that are close to our heart.

Today’s post is a compilation of a few ideas to help you celebrate, too.

But only, of course, if that’s what you choose to do!

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Okay, so that was a really bad attempt, but here are a few great ideas to up the happy in your day!

Seuss Collage

We loved The Lorax even before the new movie version, and I keep trying to get Princess Thundercloud to have a Lorax birthday (it’s near Earth Day), but to no avail.  See this and lots of other Lorax ideas at Cute Food for Kids.

Sill loving subway art, even though the “in crowd” might not…here’s a great printable from Balancing Home.

My kids love these simple placemats to play a “One Fish, Two Fish” game…of course, we have to use rainbow goldfish ‘cause we’re a colorful family.  Print them at

For a little something sweet (maybe an afterschool snack), Crazy for Crust shows you how to make these great “Cat in the Hat” smoothies and “Green Eggs and Ham” snacks.

And last but not least, a Dr. Seuss Cootie Catcher from The Country Chic Cottage. Because who doesn’t need one of those, I’d like to know?

Dr Seuss Activity -- FREE Printable Cootie Catcher

So I hope you have fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday…we sure will!


2 thoughts on “Some Ideas for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

  1. Ideas are so cute!!! Growing up, my girls LOVED Dr. Seuss and so did I. We still watch the Grinch Stole Christmas every year (we bought the DVD). Great ideas!!

    • Thanks, Crystal…wish I could claim them all! My kids are SO excited for their school celebrations tomorrow. The first graders are having a contest where they have to take a photo of them reading in their favorite spot. It’s supposed to be a creative spot…last year’s winner was in a refrigerator! I’m not sure my creativity is up for the challenge, but we’ll try our best!

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