Lucky Leprechaun Push Pops

Have you seen the current craze for Push Pops?  Well, perhaps you don’t spend enough time on Pinterest. They’re hot, hot, hot, people!  I bought some from Pick Your Plum (before Lent, fortunately, since I gave up online shopping for Lent), but I saw them at my local Target yesterday.  They’re in the section with baking pans, if you’re looking. You can also order them from Amazon or Consumer Crafts. See? They’re everywhere, I tell you!

Now, some of the ideas for them seem a little out there to me.  Seven Layer Dip?  Really?  How are you going to get a bit of all seven layers?  Layers of cake and frosting are cute, as are parfaits of fruits and yogurts.  But I wanted something for St. Patrick’s Day. Voila! (As they say in Ireland).


This is definitely not rocket science, but here’s how I did it.

First, I had to sort a giant bag of Skittles, sampling for quality control, of course. There were may fewer red that the others, which were pretty much equal. Hmmm.


Then I layered them into my containers.  There’s no blue in my rainbow, because Skittles don’t come in blue. Don’t judge.


I topped each with a couple of chocolate gold coins, tied on a bit of bakers’ twine, and attached a tag. I downloaded the tags from somewhere last year, but can’t find where, so here are some similar ones, from  You can find lots of others online.

These contain roughly two servings of Skittles, so don’t give them to your own kids, unless they’re headed somewhere other than inside your home.  I’m personally hoping for some warmer weather so my hooligans can burn off the sugar outside!


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13 thoughts on “Lucky Leprechaun Push Pops

  1. So festive and cute!! Thanks for letting me know where you could find the push pops. I’ve seen many ideas, but you are the first to let me know where to get them. Thanks so much! Love it!!

  2. Oooow, I bet at least 3 lil’ rainbow lovin’ munchkins loved these! What a clever idea for St. Paddy’s day. You never cease to amaze. Oh, and I’m impressed you know Irish, too :>)

    • I thought so, too…Frank thought they should be at the bottom (end of the rainbow) but I wanted them to fill the lid space and keep the candy from shifting around if I mail them. Boys. Like he’s ever crafted something.

      • I like them in the lid! And really… boys. I don’t dare show Stefan something half done, because he can never see the end product the way I can.

  3. Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday @ Alderberry Hill. You are being featured later this afternoon!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and join me later this evening for Make the Scene Monday #65!

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