Lovely Beaded Baubles

Today, I’m just plain showing off…but it’s not something I made, so that’s okay, right?  My friend Steph sent me these lovely beaded rings she made and I just have to show them to you.


They’re so simple, yet the sparkle gives me a little lift each time they catch a ray of sunlight on these frigid winter days.  At least we have a bit of sunshine!

Steph used clear beading elastic to make these, along with shiny metal and sparkly crystal beads. When finished, I think she just tied them and hid the knot inside a bead.

Princess Thundercloud covets them, but she’s not allowed to wear any jewelry to school. Too bad, so sad for her. It’s the teacher’s rule, not mine!

Don’t you feel the need to whip up several of these little sparklers for yourself (or to send a ray of color into a friend’s day)?  Thanks so much, Steph!  You totally rock! Totally.


4 thoughts on “Lovely Beaded Baubles

  1. Hahaha! I have to tell you. I didn’t see your post yet today. I came here to the site to get the palmier heart cookie instructions to make at work today, and I saw your picture of the post today and I said to myself, ” Mmmm………those bracelets are so pretty! I might have to make those.” THEN I read the post. And re-read it before I realized what it was. Have you ever forgotten what you’ve gifted to people???

    Makes me happy that you like them so much. :)


  2. And I really like the background design you photographed on. And the sparkly green title. How on earth did you do that? You’re getting good at this computer photo stuff!

    • Thanks! It’s a tray I found at IKEA last year and then happily “refound” this year in a box of Christmas decorations. The sparkly title is just an effect in Photoshop…I thought your sparkles needed an appropriate title!

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