Cozy Cupcakes for Your Valentines

This one time on Pinterest….so many of my craft projects start that way!  But seriously, this one time on Pinterest, I saw some cute fuzzy socks all packaged up to look like a cupcake (here’s the original pin). No, they’re not real cupcakes…but they are awfully cute!


I couldn’t find large cupcake holder, and I just couldn’t make regular ones fit properly, so I made my own cupcake wraps, used them to line a clear punch cup, and then rolled the socks up to look like icing.  It really was harder to write that all down than it was to make them.

You’ll need some 12×12 paper and a spare plastic punch cup.  Cut the punch cup down the side and around the bottom to make a template for your paper.  Trace it onto the wrong side of your paper and cut it out. I used some Designer Series Paper from Stampin’ Up’s clearance rack.


You could tape it into a punch cup at the point and call it good. But I fancied mine up a bit, cutting along the top edge with decorative scissors then running it through my crimper. I love my crimper. It adds texture to so many paper projects.


I taped the paper inside the cup and rolled the socks up tightly, making them look like frosting, and placed them inside the paper-lined cup. And took a photo in the snow on my deck, just to emphasize how perfect cozy, fuzzy socks are this time of year.


I popped them into a Valentine bag, stamped a tag, and tied it on using bakers’ twine.  Thoughtful teacher or friend gift…checked off the to-do list!

4 thoughts on “Cozy Cupcakes for Your Valentines

  1. I’m impressed, clever girl. Not only is the super cute and low calorie (sorry, couldn’t resist that last bit), but you actually made something you pinned! Good grief, I’ve pinned so many neat ideas, you’d think I’d never have a problem with the mojo. Hurry home, maybe we can have a Make-a-Pin day. Or just a cup of coffee… LOL

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