Folded Paper Gift Pocket

Sometimes, when I give people a gift, I’d like to just whip up a little container for it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made these folded pockets, in various sizes, for cookies and other small gifts. They’re practically perfect…and oh-so-easy to remember how to make, so you’re not always having to Google it!


I made some shortbread hearts using molds from Pampered Chef (which I really wish they still made!); they’re about 6” across, so I needed a fairly large pocket. I wrapped the cookie in plastic wrap before putting it in the pocket. Because it might contain just a pinch of butter. Anyway, here’s how:


It’s important to use double-sided paper since both sides show. Fortunately, Stampin’ Up! feeds my paper addiction nicely.



Ignore my chubby fingers…I was retaining water. Yeah, that’s it.


Now why isn’t the color the same on this one?  It’s a mystery.


Then just embellish it however you’d like…I just tied a Valentine on mine using…yep!…bakers’ twine!

Now there’s a life skill you can use again and again!


4 thoughts on “Folded Paper Gift Pocket

  1. You’re right! I can remember that……….I think. It’s a fantastic goodie holder. Thanks for another great craft. :)

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