Valentine Mantel and Garland

So I have a love-hate relationship with my mantel.  I love having a mantel to decorate seasonally, since our house in Washington doesn’t, but I hate that the rocks stick out so irregularly that it’s hard to place any larger objects on it. But I’m pretty happy with this winter mantel, celebrating both snow and Valentine’s Day.


It’s also really hard to get a decent photo because my living room is really dark.  Fortunately the sun came out this morning and, with the reflected light from yesterday’s new snow, I was able to get some fairly good ones.


Along with the chalkboard print, I added this garland this year. I found the glittered snowmen and hearts in the Christmas clearance aisle at Walmart, and thought they would be perfect on a garland…especially since they were boxes of 12 for 50 cents. I just hung three different red and white ribbons across and another ribbon to draw up the center, then tied the ornaments on…simple yet a bit of glitter.  Kinda like me.

Here’s a couple more shots of the mantel, with part of my snowman collection…any excuse to leave out a few holiday decorations a bit longer is good with me!



Oh, and you can still download the chalkboard print, if you’d like one of your own.  I printed mine at Costco for about $15 for a 16×20 posterboard.

I’ll leave this mantel as is until the end of February…then it’s on to St. Pat’s!


2 thoughts on “Valentine Mantel and Garland

  1. I’m using this as inspiration for my mantle this year. I need to get some of those big red candleholders, that is exactly what I am missing. I have that same snowmen candle holder at the end on the right :) I found some similar snowman glittered ornaments at Walmart today to make some garland with. No hearts though :(

    • Love that you have the same candleholder, Laura! Those candleholders were from Pier One years ago, I think. Unfortunately, I only have one now, thanks to my not-so-careful movers last summer.

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