Our 2012 Photobook


Here it is…our Family Adventure Book for 2012!  I’d been procrastinating on putting this together, but decided one Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago that TODAY WAS THE DAY.  I already had all my photos edited, organized, and in files for the year, so it was a simple process of picking out about ten favorites from each month for the book.

I spent an afternoon uploading (which is a chore from our horrible, horrible internet access here…it took almost two hours to upload about 200 Mb), then creating the book through Shutterfly.  I used their chalkboard template, but chose my own layouts, then added embellishments and journaling.  I could have let them autofill the book, but I wanted to keep the months together. And maybe I have a bit of a control issue. Whatever.

In any event, I’m thrilled to have it complete, and the book arrived yesterday.  The hooligans poured over it all evening, reading and rereading and reliving moments through the year. I usually give a copy to each of the grandparents for Christmas, but this year it’ll be Valentine’s Day instead!  (Sorry for ruining the surprise, Grands)

I also order a copy for each hooligan every year, so when they leave home I can send their memories with them. I bet their kids will appreciate it!

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As an aside, I’ve been battling a cold all week, so the blog hasn’t been exactly what I had planned this week!  I generally have about one cold a year, and they’re never more than a day or two of misery, so this has been a new experience for me…I literally couldn’t stay awake for more than about thirty minutes (and that’s without taking Nyquil!).  I’m not really sure what I’ve fed the kids this week…I vaguely remember making meals…I think soup appeared a lot.  But today…today I woke up feeling like myself again, and am so very happy to have some energy back.  I hope you enjoy your weekend…I plan to get back on track with crafting and blogging!

5 thoughts on “Our 2012 Photobook

  1. What an absolute treasuer. Can’t believe how much the kids had changed in the space of 12 months. You’ve been a busy family, for sure. But what wonderful memories. Fabulous.

    • Thanks, Kathy! I know…it doesn’t seem they’re changing that much until I look back at a year ago! They’re also very quiet and well-behaved in the photo books, which is nice!

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