Two Lovely Bookmarks

My friend Stephanie sent me the cutest bookmark for Christmas…tiny beaded knit mittens connected by a cord that runs through the middle of your book.  I wanted to make something similar, but with a heart theme for Valentine’s Day. I was pleased as punch with the finished bookmark!


Let me say, right up front, that I had not crocheted anything in years, and so I basically had to start from scratch.  It took the better part of a morning, but really was quite simple, and once I learned the basics of chain, double, and triple stitches, along with the “Magic Circle” technique, I can make a double-ended bookmark in less than 15 minutes.

And…get this…I used BAKERS’ TWINE!  I know…isn’t that brilliant?  Yet more justification for my stash of twine in every color! I used an “F” crochet hook (3.75 mm), if you’re interested.


1. Make a Magic Circle, leaving a tail about 10” long, and chain 3.


2. Into the circle, crochet

5 double crochet stitches

1 triple crochet stitch

5 double crochet

3 chain

A slipstitch to anchor the chain stitches back to the circle


3.  Pull the end of the loop (not the working yarn) to tighten into a heart. Ta-da!  Then I tied a knot to make sure it stays in the heart shape.

4. To make the other end, simply repeat, leaving about 10” of yarn between hearts.  When you’re done with both hearts, tie a knot at each heart, fastening the strings between to serve as the bookmark.

If you’re like I was, and need more guidance on the crochet lingo and technique, The Party Artisan blog is where I learned to make the hearts, and here’s the Magic Circle info.

Then again, if you can’t be bothered with crochet, or you aren’t in need of a reason to own every color bakers’ twine, then you can make this version, which Princess Thundercloud enjoyed crafting.


We simply punched out some hearts from scrapbooking paper, and glued a ribbon between them to make a bookmark. Too bad she doesn’t really need a bookmark for her Fancy Nancy books quite yet, but someday she will!  Thundercloud thought these were awfully clever bookmarks, and wanted to make them for all of her little friends…I think they’ll be a perfect class Valentine!


4 thoughts on “Two Lovely Bookmarks

  1. Brilliant, Megan! I love the crochet hearts! Now I have to make one (or some). And the paper & ribbon bookmark is SO cute, the preschoolers could make one. Yea. Oh, if only we lived closer to each other…………….the possibilities!
    Have a great day and I hope you’re feeling much better. :)

    • Thanks, Steph…I am back in the land of the living today, thankfully! Of course, now I have housework from the past four days to catch up on, but that’s okay…it would be fabulous to live nearer!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better :) I love the knitted hearts. I keep saying that I need to learn how to knit because there are so many cute things to make. You’ve inspired me!!

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