Project 365 and Project Life

So here I go, being ambitious for 2013!  I’ve decided to undertake two photography/scrapbooking projects this year, instead of my usual digiscrapping of our family memories.

The first, Project 365, you can read about here.  It’s really quite simple: Take a photo a day for 365 days and post them online, on your blog, or wherever suits your fancy.  I’m planning to post mine on this blog on a separate page (see that Project 365 tab up there?), once a week.  Doable, right?

When my favorite GI Joe was deployed, I did a 365 project, although I hadn’t heard that it was a whole movement back then.  I took a photo a day of our daily life, and every Sunday compiled them into a weekly 8×8 page with journaling.  Then I dropped a copy in his weekly CARE package for him to add to the album I sent with him. This had the added advantage that when it came time to compile a yearbook for the grandparents, all I had to do was upload my favorite pages and have the books printed.

I had been mulling over another photo-a-day project, and, on New Year’s Day, finished up editing and organizing photos for 2012.  I wrote a post last summer about how I organize my photos, so it’s less overwhelming when it comes time to scrapbook them. It’s not rocket science, but take a look back if you’re wondering where to even start.

Just for kicks, when I finished with December’s photos, I checked to see how many photos I kept for 2012…an astounding 2,306.  That means I probably took close to 15,000 photos, since I’m pretty ruthless with the delete button.  So really, a measly 365?  That’ll be a piece of cake…and remind me of that when I’m tired of taking photos and just want to skip a day, ‘kay?

So here are my first two days; as you’ll see, not every photo will be prize-winning…but they do reflect our real life, which is the goal.


New Year’s Games:  Marathon of Ticket to Ride


2Jan2013:  PB&J Bars

The other project I’m tackling is Becky Higgins’s Project Life.  It’s a way of scrapbooking designed to take the pressure off creating and just let yourself have fun.  There’s a digital version, or you can use Becky’s printed cards, which you just slip into her photo sleeves, along with your photos, and have a completed album.  To get started that way, all you need is a binder, a set of project cards, a big pack of photo sleeves, and a pen…which you can order here, on her site. Oh, and your photos, of course!

And, here’s something even better I just found…FREE Project Life downloads on Cathy Zielske’s blog.  You can try the templates and cards out and see if it’s even something you’d like to pursue.

I’ll post more about my Project Life as it evolves…bet you just can’t wait!  But perhaps it will provide some inspiration, at least.


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