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I’ve decided that I want to have a “Books of the Month” post here on the blog, since, along with crafting and cooking, reading ranks right up there in my list of favorite pastimes.  I’m not up for writing actual reviews, but I’ll share my (brief) opinion of the books and whether I thought it worthwhile or wish I could have those hours of my life back.

1. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

My book club read The Happiness Project this month.  Then we went out for dinner at a Hawaiian Barbeque place and shopping in a quaint little nearby town, and actually did discuss it quite a bit. The general consensus was that it was a worthwhile read, and a couple of ladies even bought journals to use for their own personal “Happiness Projects” while we were shopping.

I’ve also read Eat, Pray, Love for a book club, and this was a much, much better read, possibly because the author has a husband and kids and includes her relationships with them in her project, making it much more relatable for me.  Eat, Pray, Love seemed a completely self-indulgent journey to me and I couldn’t relate to its author in the least.

I’m looking forward to reading Rubin’s Happiness at Home in 2013, which is more about the whole family than the individual.

2. How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas by Jeff Guinn

How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas

I finished How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas on Christmas Day, after laboring through it for over a week. I’m normally a very fast reader, and this was not a difficult book; I just couldn’t get that interested.

It seemed an interesting premise, with an historical look on England in the 1640’s, when Puritans came to power there and abolished the celebration of Christmas.  I didn’t even realize that it was outlawed in Scotland and the American colonies for many years, as well. See, that sounds intriguing, right? But it wasn’t. While I don’t completely wish to have those hours back, I wouldn’t recommend this, unless you’re jonesing to read historical, fluff fiction about that era.

3. Moving Is Murder by Sara Rosett

I’ve read about this series, by a fellow military spouse, and was happy to see it as a Nook Pick of the Day (which means it’s discounted a lot) just before we left for Disneyworld. I wanted something light to read on the plane (because you can’t really read War and Peace while traveling with three kids and your husband).

It proved entertaining, and the mystery was not a dead giveaway (pun intended).  I was happy to have started with the first book in the series (because I’m a little compulsive that way) and promptly checked the second one out of the library when we returned.

Now that I’ve learned how Mrs. Claus saved Christmas, I can curl up in my favorite chair by the fire and read while the hooligans play in our sixteen-inches of snow from the blizzard.

Have I mentioned that they were unexpectedly out of school two days early, due to our snowfall?  Well, they were, so, come to think of it, I may need a big mug of something hot and alcoholic to accompany my reading by the fire. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy and enjoying the peace after all the holiday hustle and bustle, too!



9 thoughts on “Books of the Month

  1. Love your thoughts ob books! I’ve been following ‘The Happiness Project’ for years – very soul satisfying! Now I need to get ‘How Mrs Claus Saved Christmas’. Please keep those reviews coming – love them!

    • Thanks, Marilyn…I’m so happy to hear from someone who’s been following THP! ANd I’m glad you like the books idea…I was a little nervous about foisting my opinions on others! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  2. Your reviews are great. Short and sweet, not giving anything away. Right now I’m reading The Stand by Stephen King. Kind of a creepy/funny book to start during cold and flu season.

    • I’ve not read that one, Caralyn…I got out of the habit of reading scary stuff when my husband was deployed, and I was the only adult in the house! I should give it another try…I used to love his books!

  3. Love it! These book reviews, & chicken saltimbocca are a great way to fill in the rest of my kids winter break! They are home until the 7th!

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