One-Line-a-Day Family Memories

Here’s a phrase I bet you haven’t heard…in at least ten minutes…I saw this idea on Pinterest.  It was just a photo, uploaded by someone, with no way to track it or give credit. So I apologize if it’s your original idea.

It’s a simple concept…jot down one line each day, and use it year after year for a cool way to see a snapshot of your life as a family.


Simple to create, you’ll need just a few supplies:


I found the adjustable date stamp in the scrapbooking section of the craft store, but I’m sure they’re available at office supply stores, as well. I will always miss the hand-stamped dates on library checkout cards, so I wanted this for crafting.

You can use any color markers you want; I chose a different color for each month, then used cardstock dividers in the same colors.

I’m certain you can figure this out, but all you do is stamp a 3×5 card with each month and day of the year (don’t forget Feb 29, for those Leap Years!).  It sounds tedious, and was, just a bit, but I finished all the stamping in the course of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Then I cut some cardstock into 3-1/2” x 5” pieces and rounded the corners to use as dividers.  You could also use favorite photos or other paper memorabilia, such as ticket stubs, cut to size.

I used an antique refrigerator glass box to hold it all.  I really wanted a ceramic berry basket, which I saw everywhere last summer, but are nowhere to be found this time of year. At least in Wisconsin they aren’t. You could use any container that appeals to you, glass, pottery, or a wooden recipe box.

Happy memory-making!


6 thoughts on “One-Line-a-Day Family Memories

  1. I’ve seen this idea before, but a little different. It would be fun to see if certain days are really as boring as they seem from year to year, or to see if exciting things happen on random days. I might give this a try!

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