Find It Ornaments

Do your kids have those Find It games?  It’s a clear plastic tube, filled with little plastic beads and about a gazillion tiny objects.  My hooligans keep theirs in the car, and it’s proved a great quiet game for them. For their ornaments this Christmas, I decided to make a version of the game.



Flat round ornament with tiny styrofoam balls in it

12 tiny Christmas objects

Embellishments for the tag

Ribbon for the edge


I found all sorts of miniature Christmas-y things at the craft store, along with the ornaments.  The ornaments were already filled with styrofoam balls, and opened along the side, so I didn’t have to have objects small enough to fit into the top opening. All mine did fit that way, so I didn’t need to open up the ornament, but I could have bought larger stuff if I wanted!

To make the tag, I downloaded and printed a vintage-look tag with a “12” on it, from Designer Digitals Counting Christmas Tags No. 1. I just wrote “Can you find all” above the number.  The I printed a list for each ornament (they were slightly different) and cut it to fit the front tag. I used an adhesive runner to stick the front and back tags together.

Then all I had to do was tie the tag on using some bakers’ twine and a little jingle bell.  I ran a strip of sticky strip along the side seam and covered it with ribbon, just to hide the seam and make the ornament a bit more colorful.

Making four of these (I made one for an ornament exchange, as well) took about an hour, mostly because I had to figure out the correct size and type the list.

Hope your Christmas plans are moving along swimmingly!


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    • Well, you know how it is…the hooligans handle every ornament on the tree anyway, so I might as well give them ones they’re actually encouraged to touch!

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