Pandora Knockoff Bangle

I am irresistibly drawn to the beaded bangle bracelets made popular by Pandora and similar jewelry companies…but they’re a bit pricey for me!  While strolling the craft aisle at…yes…Walmart last week, I found very similar beads and a bangle bracelet (and did a little happy dance). I realize, of course, that “real” Pandora ones are made of precious metals and gems, but for a fun accessory, these knockoff versions totally suffice!


I spent around $13 for supplies to make two bracelets, and they assemble in minutes. Possibly only seconds. You just unscrew one end of the bracelet, thread your beads onto it, and recap it. Ta-da!  It’s a lovely gift (and if you keep it for yourself, I’ll never tell!), handmade by you.


7 thoughts on “Pandora Knockoff Bangle

  1. Ohhhh my gosh. Love it. I’ll check Wal Mart on my lunch break today because I have 3 goddaughters to get for! Thanks for the great tip. :)

  2. Been lovin’ your bead work, but have been reluctant to venture to that big store down the road (you know the one!) seeing as I’m clueless about where to begin. But this I think even I could manage. Really cute, and I love the beads you selected.

    PS–Had to laugh this week when Mr. Wonderful & I were shopping. He saw a very “bling-y” pair of boots and said he thought Princess Thundercloud would love ’em. I guess he does pay attention!

    • It is overwhelming! I bought two packs of beads, one silver and blingy and the other pinks and purples, so I could mix and match on the two bangles. Hope y’all are having a holly jolly season!

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