Ornament Stamped Coasters

These coasters, another less-than-ten-minute craft, would make a fun hostess gift, don’t you think?


To make them, I bought cork coasters in the plant department at Walmart.  They were less than a dollar each, and have a nice solid wood bottom.  That means they won’t soak through or snap into pieces as ones made of just cork tend to do.

The only other supplies I needed were Staz-On ink in three colors, a Sharpie for the strings, and some sticky notes.  You could use any permanent, pigment inks. The regular, water-based ones will run.

Step 1: Stamp the image you want in front.


2. Stamp the same image on a sticky note and cut it out, right along the stamped image. Place it right on top of the stamped image on the coaster.  This is called “masking” in the stamping world. See how advanced you are!Coasters2

3. Stamp your other images, so that the sticky note prevents the first image from being stamped over.


4. Tie a set together with bakers’ twine or ribbon and do a little happy dance…you just made a handcrafted gift in mere minutes!


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