Jingle-Filled Joy

As I wander the aisles at the craft store, I’m always tempted to buy a glass block to decorate. I’ve long loved the look of glass blocks, in the design of homes, and their appeal as a base for a home décor object could no longer be denied. Then I saw a tube of big red jingle bells one endcap over, and the deal was done. Few things scream “Christmas” to me like jingle bells!


I “may” have mentioned once or a hundred times how instant gratification crafts are generally my favorites.  If I can make it in ten minutes or less, and end up with a great quality product, I’m sold. This fit those criteria, and now I’m hooked. I need one for every holiday.

To make this, I took the endcap off, stuffed the blocks full of jingle bells, and put the cap back on.  I had the “joy” and stars from Stampin’ Up a couple of years ago and had never found the perfect project for them.  You could easily buy a vinyl word or make it if you have a die-cutting machine, though.

Joy-Block-ChaosServedDailyTo finish it, I cut a piece of burlap the correct width and pulled the edge strings off to fray it. I wrapped it around, then tied a piece of red polka dot ribbon over the burlap, and showed it off to my favorite GI Joe. He even remembered to say it was “Super cute!” which is my goal when I show him my latest and greatest creations.

Now that you’ve survived the Black Friday crowds, why not spend a few minutes making a great addition to your Christmas décor?  I’m planning to spend my day at home crafting and cooking, away from the madness.  The madness of the masses, anyway…there’s no escaping the madness of my hooligans!