Soul-Warming Russian Tea

I frequently find myself whisked back to my childhood as the holidays approach, with a whiff of cloves and oranges, or perhaps hearing a few notes of “Silver Bells,” my grandma’s favorite carol.  Russian Tea evokes memories of so many frosty winter gatherings, and so that’s what I’m sharing with you today.  I know, it’s not a trendy coffee drink (which as you know, I have absolutely nothing against!) or am invigorating herbal blend…but it warms you to your core and comforts body and soul.


Russian Tea

2 cups sugar

2 cups orange-flavored breakfast drink (yes, that’s Tang)

2/3 cup presweetened lemonade mix

1/2 cup instant tea mix

1 Tbsp ground cinnamon

1 Tbsp ground cloves

Directions:  Stir it all together and package in cute containers!

Make 4-1/2 cups

Directions to give with the mix:

To serve, place 2 heaping tablespoons mix in a mug.  Add 1 cup boiling water and stir well.

Of course, I created some cute labels to go on jars or pillow boxes…and you can download them so easily!  They’re sized to punch out with a 2-1/2” circle punch and will print 12 to a sheet.


Click here to download the printable labels


3 thoughts on “Soul-Warming Russian Tea

  1. Oh, I remember this drink! I loved it! I had it first when I was 16 and it was a staple in the work room for the staff at the library I worked at. I had some and it was fabulous. You just brought me back wonderful memories of my public library days and how cozy it was there in the winter months. :)Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Russian Tea–haven’t thought of it for years! Thanks for the reminder. Both Mr. Wonderful and I used to drink it all the time and loved it. Wonder how that happens? Thanks for the fun reminder and the adorable labels. Now off to find some Tang…

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