Pumpkins of the Past

As Halloween creeps ever closer, I decided to look back at our hooligans through the years…since the eldest one is only 8, it was a pretty short look back.  Here’s a peek at their costumes…

Halloween Past

It’s kind of cool that they all three wore the pumpkin costume for their first Halloween.  On Halloween, 2004, we passed out treats with my friend Kimberly, anticipating my GI Joe’s return from a year-long deployment.  He arrived on the last flight of the brigade, of course, around midnight on November 9. Our hooligan took his first real steps on November 10, after his daddy had missed all the other milestones of his first year.  And that was pretty much the last accommodating thing the hooligan did.

2005 found us in a new home in Kansas, and he was Elmo, mostly because it was a warm costume and he didn’t really care what he was.  In 2006, our middle son was a newborn, and he didn’t get to trick-or-treat, but his big brother cleaned up in his Lightning McQueen racecare driver costume.

In 2007, the middle one had found his running legs, and wore the pumpkin costume with some urban camo pants to make a commando pumpkin, while his big bro saved the world as Captain America.

We moved again in 2008, back to Washington state,  and adopted Princess Thundercloud.  I sewed a purple glitter ruffle around the pumpkin costume and she debuted as a Ballerina Pumpkin, as the eldest was a fireman and the middle one wore the blue racecar driver suit.

My husband had just been home on R&R from another yearlong deployment, and missed Halloween 2009.  We had fun dressed as a dogcatcher, a red racecar driver (because he outgrew the blue one!), and an adorable flower (again, it was the warmest one I could find!).

For trick-or-treating 2010, we were again in a new home, albeit not in a new state.  The hooligans (unbelievably) were happy to wear the same costumes as the year before, but the boys needed to dress as their favorite saint for religious ed class.  They both chose St. George, the Dragonslayer.  Those were the most fun costumes I’ve made (and they won the Best Costume prize, which is really what church is all about).

Last year, we trick-or-treated at the Milwaukee Zoo (yep, we moved again), and finished just as the rain started.  The oldest was a construction worker, the middle one recycled the Captain America costume, and we had the cutest cupcake ever (and the warmest!).

We’re ready and waiting for this year…we’ll have Luigi (from Mario Bros), a new and improved Captain America, and either a snow princess or the cupcake once again.  What’re your little ones dressing as this year (or you, yourself, for that matter)?

7 thoughts on “Pumpkins of the Past

  1. Such precious pictures. What wonderful blessings! I remember when I was a youngster my mom made our costumes too. A witch and a clown costume I remember the most. I think I shared wearing them between my brother for different Halloweens. I think I made a few of my son’s costumes too…………isn’t that sad that I can’t recall. :( I’ll have to dig around in the photos. If I were on top of my scrapbook game, like you, I’d remember our family history better. I think.

    I’m going as a cook for a preschool, wearing the cutest Halloween apron that was given to me for a birthday gift from a wonderful woman I work with. Guess who? Do you think it would scare the kids too much if it looked like I had a butchers knife through my head with blood running down?????

  2. Adorable pictures! I’ve always loved Halloween, and now it makes me that much happier to have kids to share it with. We just went to their school’s Halloween festival over the weekend, and my daughter dressed up as a princess. Again. Because that’s what she always wants to be. And my son went as the red bird from Angry Birds (his latest obsession.) They were incredibly cute. :)

    • I know, little girls always want to be a princess! My little one is wearing a snow princess costume (that I got at 90 percent off at Target about 3 years ago!) to her school party, then the cupcake at night because it’s so much warmer. I tried to talk one of my boys into an Angry Bird, but it was no sale. So are you going to post photos on your blog? And I had no idea the Ninja was also a juicer…that makes it an even better deal!

      • I suppose I probably will have to post some Halloween fun at The Bright Side, now that you mention it. Have to see what I can come up with.

        The Ninja isn’t exactly a juicer, I suppose, since it doesn’t just extract the juice. It’s more of a pulverizer. So, depending on the fruit/veggies that you’re using, you can end up with VERY pulpy juice. So you either have to add quite a bit of water or some other liquid, or possibly even strain it if it’s too thick. I’m still experimenting, so hopefully I’ll learn lots of good recipes and tips that I can share.

  3. I love the collage you did of your children in their Halloween costumes that is a really great idea and the fact that they all used the pumpkin costume as their first costume was pretty cool. My son was an M&M and my daughter was a butterfly for their first Halloweens.

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