Halloween Party Mix

Guess what Target has at the Dollar Spot?  Cute little treat cups in fall colors (ten for $1!). I know, I should seek help for this compulsion to stalk the aisles there. But first, let me show you what I used some orange treat cups to make!


I also found these great kraft paper tags at the Dollar Spot.  I just used a couple of stickers and my trusty white gel pen to spiff it up a bit and some Halloween-ish ribbon and bakers’ twine.  I wrapped the treat cup in some printed packing tape (from Michael’s Dollar Spot last year), and threw together (literally) some Halloween Party Mix, using ingredients I already had on hand.


The party mix includes candy corn, peanuts, multi-grain Cheerios, and popcorn, if I have some.  It’s a tasty combo, reminiscent of Payday candy bars. If you’re not having a party, feel free to call it Trail Mix and feel virtuous about taking it along on a hike…sugar provides quick energy, and nuts and whole grains are super good for you!

We made these little treat cups (they hold a little more than a cup of mix) for the bus driver and neighbors…they come together quickly, and are a perfect after school snack.

Now I think I need to go see if there’s anything new at Target…..

6 thoughts on “Halloween Party Mix

  1. GREAT idea! I am having a Halloween party and funds are low. Going to check out the dollar spot today, and we have most of the stuff for the party mix! Thank you so much!

  2. Yummy looking treat! I love candy corn anyway. I usually get myself almost sick at least once each Halloween from gorging too much. Then, I’m back at it again, till the candy is gone! Oh, my love affair C.C.! A once a year affair, fortunately.

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