Guest Posting at The Taylor House

If you’re in need of a fun and just-a-little-spooky treat, I’m sharing my tutorial on making peanut butter eyeballs over at my friend Chrissy’s blog, The Taylor House.  Drop by and give her a little blog love…she’s been under the weather and needs some cheer!

Eyeballs-with-veinsYou know you need eyeballs in your life! Now go!


8 thoughts on “Guest Posting at The Taylor House

  1. I just went over to Chrissy’s blog. I’ll check her place out over time.

    Oh my gosh! I could totally do these at school for the kids! Thanks for the idea!!!!! (don’t tell Sterling)

  2. Hey! I just had an idea. I could roll Rice Krispie’s treats ‘dough’ into little eyeball size balls and do this to them! Yes!

    • That would be great, since you might have PB allergies at school? Anne’s kids expect the PB ones from me every year, anyway…I think Natalie even used them as part of her St Lucy costume one year for All Saints Day!

  3. Hey, congrats on the guest post! I’ve been having trouble leaving messages lately and not sure if this will post properly, but just wanted you to know I’m in awe of all your doing. Thumbs up on the 100 followers on Facebook, too. And of course, your creative eyeballs are da bomb. Loved your comment about the hubs finding them in the garage fridge. Mine does that too! LOL

  4. I don’t think this will happen this year. My boss wants a healthy snack for Halloween :( When I was talking with Anne yesterday morning, she said that theirs was probably already in the mail to them. Yea…….you can’t ever quit sending them now. :)

    • What about monster mouths? Two slices of apple with pB sticking them together and mini marshmallows as teeth? That’s not TOO sweet. Or gill clear gloves with a candy corn in each finger and the rest popcorn to fill it out.

  5. Ok. She decided to have me core apples, slice them into rings, put a dried apricot in the hole of each ring and put a raisin in the middle of that to make a big eyeball. It’s healthy alright. Maybe I should drizzle it in red dyed white chocolate at the last minute and not tell her. Blood shot eyes.

    • Well, that doesn’t sound too bad…my kids would love those, and I might actually steal that idea. Maybe you could drizzle seedless raspberry jam over…that’s fruit, after all!

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