Fall-ish Necklaces

I’ve made a couple of cute necklaces recently.  Well, I think they’re pretty cute, anyway.  Before I get to that, though, I forgot to mention that yesterday I was a guest over at my friend Tia’s blog, Military Wife Theology 101. If you’d like to know why I started this blog, pop over and find out!  Tia writes about her spiritual journey through the lens of a military wife, and I find her posts quite thought-provoking.  So check it out, and when your thoughts are done being provoked, come on back to find out how to whip up some fun jewelry!

And now one with the topic at hand…adornment! The first necklace is a simple kit from Peachy Chic Boutique, the Retro Owl Dangle.

Owl-Dangle  Owl-Dangle-Kit

Pretty nifty, right?  It was super simple to assemble, using the directions from Peachy Chic. Beware, though…everything over there is very reasonably priced, as well as being perfect to wear with something you already own!  They have no idea who I am, by the way, I just like their stuff and wanted to share with you!  I think this kit was $4.99.

The ribbon necklace it’s on was an even better deal…two of them were in a package for $1 in the jewelry making section at Walmart. It’s a couple of ribbons and three cords with a lobster claw clasp. For 50 cents!

While the bat is pretty specifically for Halloween, the owl can actually be worn anytime, since owls are so “in.”  This owl reminds me of my grandmother, who loved all things owl-ish the last time they were popular, in the early 1970’s.  She also loved red, olive green, and black together, so this pendant would have been perfect for her.  People tell me frequently I’m her spitting image, in looks and personality, so perhaps I was channeling her while making it!

Then I was inspired to make my own Halloween-themed necklace.  I’ve had an idea rolling around in my brain for awhile that I could punch many layers of Designer Paper and glue them together to make a pendant. And I did!

First, I punched out 15 bats from DSP.  Only two have to look exactly as you want your pendant to look…for the front one and the back one.  Then I used craft glue to glue them together in two stacks.


Liberally (but not so much that it oozes out) apply glue to what will be the middle of the layers and lay a head pin on it.  The put the other stack of paper layers on top of it.


Clamp them together until completely dry.  I left mine overnight.


When the glue is dry, apply a layer of Crystal Effects (Stampin’ Up!) or Glossy Accents (craft store) to the front and let that dry completely.  Repeat for the back.


When everything is completely dry and set, run a thin bead of glue around the outside, or use 1/8” double-sided adhesive tape, and cover with fine black glitter.

To finish the bat, I used needle-nosed pliers to bend a loop in the top of the head pin, then wrapped the end around the bottom of the loop a time or two. I attached a jump ring to hang it from the necklace.


I made two other “dangles” using head pins, various beads, and making loops at the top in the same way.  Then I strung the beads as I wanted them onto a silver necklace.  This particular one is $1.50 at Walmart and has a magnetic clasp that just unscrews to allow you to string your beads.  I love how easy it is.

Although it didn’t photograph well, the bat pendant is very glossy and then glittery along the edges.  Much prettier in person…but I guess you’ll have to make one for yourself to see that!  I hope you will…it took a bit of time for all the drying, but really required very little crafting skill.  The trickiest part is making the loop to hang it, but I know you can do it!

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